Industrial Carousel Relocation


AS/R Systems provides fast, professional removal and relocation of industrial carousel systems across Canada and the United States.

For over 20 years, AS/R Systems has offered rebuilt horizontal and vertical carousel systems, pick-to-light systems, carousel software design and integration, warehouse management systems, carousel removal and installation, and complete carousel support and service, including round-the-clock repair and maintenance services.

Storage Carousel Removal and Re-Installation

AS/R Systems can handle your entire carousel relocation project, from project planning, removal, teardown, equipment rebuilding, and re-installation. We're experts in dismantling and re-installing carousel equipment. When you are moving and setting up your horizontal and vertical carousels, you can be confident that AS/R Systems will get the job done right. relocation.jpg

Industries we serve include: Aerospace, Medical, Electronics, Municipalities, Postal, Publishing and other Manufacturing and Distribution. Every carousel relocation job is unique and contains its own challenges; however, this is all routine to AS/R Systems experienced staff. Each client removal job requires a plan of attack that is cost-effective and safe to protect your investment. Our removal crews have the expertise to ensure your carousel relocation project is successful.

Industrial Carousel Substitution

If your business cannot afford any carousel downtime, AS/R Systems Warehouse Carousel Substitution Program may be the solution. AS/R Systems can install carousels directly from our rebuilding plant into your new facility and take your current units on trade, if required. This ensures no equipment downtime as your current units and new systems can run in parallel as long as required. Staff can choose when to relocate material from the old system to the new carousels without moving to a temporary storage location. If desired, AS/R can also re-install your old carousels with or without processing them through AS/R Systems rebuilding factory.

Warehouse Carousel Products and Services

As an experienced Systems Integrator, AS/R Systems has led the industry since 1991 in warehouse carousel installation, removal, relocation, and maintenance. Here are samples of products and services that we provide:

Visit our website for more details on the warehouse carousel products and services offered by AS/R Systems.